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Pacha Moma is a cultural space dedicated to artistic expressions that connect in shape and background with our roots.

It is a museum focused on the support and dissemination of indigenous art, contemporary art and visionary, in order to create social awareness about the importance of our original culture and its influence in today's world.

It is an initiative jointly with Fundación Barba Amezcua A.C. (FBA) which seeks through the addition of civil society support, representatives of indigenous communities, private iniciaiva and government agencies, create a large enclosure for demonstrations art of all the ancestral cultures of our continent.

In this way we also create sustainable programs that promote productive activities operated and used by the same people, which results in the reaffirmation of their autonomy and assure them the wellbeing through their own culture and talent.


Pacha Moma is an inclusive space created to connect with our own culture, so we have different spaces for coexistence and the creation and diffusion of art in all its expressions, such as: classrooms for workshops, diner, patios and spaces outdoors, and lodgings.