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Dedicated to preserving and
spreading culture.


The Fernando Barba Amezcua A.C. foundation is an organization born to carry on with the legacy of a great man that, based on his hard work, discipline, and love for others and for his community, forged an exceptional personal and professional trajectory. Mr. Fernando Barba Amezcua, today your example is the best motivation to thrust a social labor that we believe you would be very proud of.

Fernando Barba Amezcua was also a successful entrepreneur that, in addition to succeeding in businesses, he also dedicated his life to community service, which turned him into a very loved and respected person in his city Irapuato, Guanajuato. His strong devotion and love for people always drove him to have a life based upon the values of respect, responsibility, sacrifice and honesty. Such values are also the base of this project called FBA.

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This way we also create sustainable programs that propitiate productive activities operated by the communities themselves, which results in the reaffirmation or their autonomy and assures them their well being through their own culture and talent.

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A museum focused on the support and diffusion of native, contemporary and visionary art, in order to create awareness regarding the importance of our culture of origin and of its current influence in the world.

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